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The Shrew

Sara Afrasiabi

Translated by: Arzhang Pirouz

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ISBN: 978-1-915620-94-1

First Published Summer 2022

120 Pages

Printed in the United Kingdom

The Shrew / Sara Afrasiabi

  • ‘Shrew’, which relatively equals ‘Saliteh’ in Persian, is normally used to refer to a rather ‘lippy’ or ‘seditious’ woman in Persian folklore. What is more, this pejorative term is usually used to insult and degrade a certain type of woman who dares expresses her personal views and beliefs.

    In this short book, an autobiography in the form of letters, the author has attempted to deconstruct the term ‘shrew’ through a series of her own personal memories, which actually are shared with many other Iranian women, hoping to demonstrate some parts of the existing suppression in Iranian society. Here, breaking taboos and giving equal sex education to her daughter and other young girls of the same generation, an aggrieved mother at all gender inequalities looks forwards to a brighter future.

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