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88 Sheets of Paper at Liberty

Kimia Tajnia

Translated by Arash Khoshsafa

British Library Cataloguing Publication Data: A catalogue record for this book is available from the British Library 

ISBN: 978-1-915620-25-5

First Published Winter 2023

56 Pages| ‌UK Bformat

Printed in the United Kingdom

88 Sheets of Paper at Liberty / Kimia Tajnia

  • Kimia Tajnia was born in 1975 in Iran. She holds a PhD in Persian literature and is an assistant professor, poet, and literary researcher. 88 Sheets of Paper at Liberty is her fourth published work. Previously, she published A Sip of the Merciless Wine, a selective collection of Shams’s 190 odes, including a research introduction on Rumi.

    Tajnia’s first poetry collection, Raqsa, was published with The Fifth Season Publication in 2020. As its Introduction reads, all the poems in the collection serve as ‘canticles of the soul’. These poems, created by the poet’s intuitive awareness or meta-awareness, are ‘part of humans’ souls without which they would be lost’. Her second poetry collection, The Citrus of Gloomy Lands, was published with Mehri Publication in 2022. This collection consists of 56 poems in both classic and free verse forms with a relatively novel attitude towards the concepts of moment, language, image, and the ultimate essence of femininity, which is the genuine texture of the universe, far from any negation and futility. All these semi-erotic poems narrate a dominant, passionate romance in which a new shape of humans and language develops.

    Tajnia’s most recent work is a 2022 poetic epistolary prose work entitled 88 Sheets of Paper at Liberty, also published with Mehri Publication. 


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