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The Best Smile and Other Stories

Written by: Alireza Mahdavi Hezaveh

Translated by: Arash Khoshsafa

Illustrated by: Kiana Mirzaei

British Library Cataloguing Publication Data:
A catalogue record for this book is available from the British Library | ISBN: 978-1-914165-40-5|

|First Edition. 78 pages |

|Printed in the United Kingdom, Spring 2021|


The Best Smile and Other Stories

  • The Best Smile and Other Stories is a wonderful collection of despair and joy, amazement and worry and discovery and caution. It takes you to the wonderful world of children, young teenagers and speaking objects in which no one is afraid of moving on, having thrilling adventures and enjoying special moments of self-discovery and heart-searching in interaction with the outside world including parents and other grown-ups.

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