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Chapbook Series #5 'Confronting the Unknown'
Open Call for Emerging Writers

DEADLINE: 15 September 2023


We are in search for emerging writers to submit their work for publication opportunity ‘Chapbook Series #5 Confronting the Unknown’. The writing must be your original work inspired by the theme of the call ‘Confronting the Unknown’.  Write your own ‘Confronting the Unknown’ story in less than 250 words.


We are on the hunt for captivating stories that delve fearlessly into the mysteries and uncertainties of life. If you have tales that embrace the unknown, exploring profound subjects like fate, destiny, and the unexplained, we want to hear from you! From thrilling adventures that send shivers down the spine to thought-provoking philosophical musings, we seek narratives that will leave readers spellbound, pondering the enigmatic aspects of existence.


We are keen to learn about you! Please send us the following information, along with a sample of your work and a short biography:

- Contact information (full name, email, mobile)

- Your ‘Confronting the Unknown’. story (in less than 250 words)

- Your short biography written in the third person

Please include the above information in a WORD/PDF file.

Please send your email to OR and quote 'Chapbook Series #4 ‘Confronting the Unknown’ application' in the subject field.


- Your work will be professionally published with the UK ISBN number. A catalogue record for this book will be registered by the British Library. The book is a Co-published book by ‘Mehri Publication’ and 'Cista Arts' in London, UK. The paperback copy of the book will be available in September 2023.

- We will email you a free PDF copy of the book.

- Apply to this book publication opportunity is free, if your work is accepted, there will be a £30 fee for accepted writers.

- The paperback copy of the book will be available to purchase on our websites / AMAZON UK/ WATERSTONES online shop.

Apply now to have the chance to be part of CISTA ARTS & MEHRI PUBLICATION.

For more information, please contact us at


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