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Freydoun Farokhzad: Another Season: A Bilingual Edition with Critical Introduction, Annotations and Archival Material.

Edited and Translated by Nima Mina

Mehri Publication, 2019

160 page


"In life, Freydoun Farokhzad met a violent tragic end. In death he has been fortunate to have found a translator as talented and erudite, as disciplined and dedicated as Nima Mina. He brings to this resurrecting project the acute aesthetic sensibilities of a literary critic and a concert guitarist, the eye for details of a scholar, the impressive linguistic acumen of a polyglot and a Sherlock Holmesian affinity for finding and tracing clues. Farokhzad’s celebrity fame has long overshadowed his deserved reputation as a serious poet in the German language and it is his, and our, good fortune that an artist scholar, and a sleuth literary critic has undertaken the task of resurrecting Farokhzad’s poetic personality from his entertainer persona."

Abbas Milani

Hamid and Christina Moghadam Director of Iranian Studies

Stanford University


Freydoun Farokhzad: Another Season


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